WolfePak Tip #RB-0001 - Automatically Adjusting Overhead Rates

Tip #RB-0001

Module:  Revenue/Billing

Subject:  Automatically Adjusting Overhead Rates

If you are an operator, you know that adjusting overhead rates can be a daunting task every year.  You may not realize how easy it is in WolfePak to implement these annual adjustments at the touch of a button.

The Overhead utility feature can assist you in multiplying the original amount for each overhead entry by a certain factor and it will automatically adjust all overhead amounts for you.  Just go into Overhead Maintenance (#41 on the Billing Maintenance Menu) and select the option "Util" at the bottom of the screen.  You can then put in a multiplier in the field that says "Multiply orginal amount by:".  For example, if you just found out COPAS (http://www.copas.org/economic-factors) released their annual overhead rates and you want to increase your overhead by 6%, put 1.06 in this utility and click "Update".  It will automatically update the overhead on all your leases in one fail swoop!

(Hint: If your “Util” button is greyed out, it means you have a current revenue/billing cycle in process and you will not be able to change any overhead amounts until the cycle is complete and updated.)

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