Breakout Descriptions

Full Agenda & Breakout Sessions

Follow a track specific to E&P Operators, Midstream, Management or Mix-n-Match

This year the User Conference will have three main tracks along with a 1-day advanced track. Each breakout session has been tailored for the unique challenges for the different types of organizations within the Oil and Gas industry. 

E&P Operator Track Midstream Management Hands-On Track


Exploration & Production Operators:

  • Gas Balancing
  • Simplifying the Division Order Process
  • Automating Escheat/Unclaimed Property
  • Handling Revenue Billing
  • GAAP Depreciation & Depletion

Midstream Companies including First Purchasers & Service Companies: 

  • Automating data entry
  • Billing statements & driver payments
  • Crude Oil Purchase Agreements 
  • Balancing Crude Oil Inventory
  • Analyzing Profit by Property, Truck or Driver

CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, VPs, Directors and other Management Titles:

  • Automating Manual Tasks
  • Visual Analysis of Financials
  • Digitizing the Purchase Process
  • Balancing & Reconciling Inter-company transactions
  • Automated & Customized Report Packages
  • Fraud Prevention

This track is helps the experienced WolfePak user learn financial reports and analytics:

  • Building basic financials
  • Advanced financial reporting
  • Fundamentals for WolfePak Analytics
  • Please note that due to the nature of this track each course is limited to 30 participants