Payroll Time Entry

WolfePak Payroll Time Entry

A more flexible approach to time entry

The WolfePak Payroll Time Entry module is an add-on to your core functionality, offering multiple ways to enter and/or import time into the system. Specialized time entry modules also let you capture the data at one time, sending employees’ hours to the payroll module and other modules for billing/reporting purposes.

Payroll Time Entry

Want to record employee time by job? The time entry module lets you code time to different pay codes, with the rate determined by employee level or work function.

Specific jobs can have their own override pay rates and you can set up workers’ comp codes at the pay code or employee level. You can then import this time into WolfePak Payroll or bill it to a third party.

You can also create certified payroll reports by job for government reporting.

WPTE Time Entry

Drilling companies uses the WPTE module to track employee time and expenses by rig. You can set up multiple job codes and functions, along with longevity codes, which are calculated automatically.

Record accidents related to a specific employee or job and track for glove safety bonuses, performance bonuses and award listings by date and department.


Provides multiple formats for efficient data entry to record payroll hour

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