Escheat/Unclaimed Property

WolfePak Escheat/Unclaimed Property

Streamline tracking and distributing unclaimed property

The WolfePak escheat/unclaimed property module streamlines the task of tracking and distributing unclaimed property to your oil & gas owners, employees and vendors. This module takes revenue suspense, payroll check and accounts payable checks into consideration, prints due diligence letters, and creates electronic filings for all 50 U.S. states and territories (in compliance with all states’ individual rules and requirements, cut-off dates and abandonment periods).

If you’re using spreadsheets or paying a third-party service, the WolfePak escheat module will accelerate your process, use data already entered into your system, and walk you through the process step by step. We eliminate costly errors (and the time to correct them) — all you have to do is complete all bank reconciliations to start the unclaimed process:

  • Based on all owner, employee and vendor last know addresses and states
  • Unknown addresses automatically route to business state of incorporation
  • List by due date with sequence of what needs to be done next
  • Due diligence letters by date — prints due diligence letters on or before due date
  • Electronic file listening for state (all 50 U.S. states and territories)
  • Complies with all individual state/territory rules
  • Complies with cut-off dates, abandonment periods, etc.
  • Considers all “current pay” states with rules that apply to all subsequent payments due
  • Automatically excludes owners already contacted and re-starts dormancy period
  • Manual exclusion of owners, employees or vendors (if necessary)



WolfePak’s Unclaimed Property Process takes into consideration Revenue Suspense, Payroll Check and Accounts Payable checks.

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