WolfePak Alerts

User-specific alerts for your existing modules and more

The WolfePak alerts option adds functions to your current WolfePak modules. You can alert one or more persons for specific accounting and reporting tasks for individual companies in your WolfePak system (you can also set up your system so reviewers are required to respond to any given alert):

Sub-account changes by each sub-table

  • Name change only
  • Address change only
  • Or any sub-account change
  • Logged to alert master based on add/change/delete of record
  • Included on email based on frequency and next scan

ACH bank account —  Sub-account

  • As changes are made, change logged to alert master based on add/change/delete of value
  • Included on email based on frequency and next scan

Deposit entry —  Update/post/unpost deposits

  • Logged to alert master based on day-of-week selection
  • Included on email based on frequency and next scan

Standard entries due in x days

  • Checks the first scan of the day to see if any qualify and if so, included on email

Account balance (cash account(s)) — Above or below an amount

  • Balance is as of last day of last fiscal year (i.e., includes all future dated transactions)
  • Until triggered, checks balance with every scan and included on email
  • Once triggered, doesn’t check again until next day or next Monday

A/P approvals & PO approvals

  • Based each individual(s) routed to
  • Individual user email must be set up in the security master (with time slots for individual notifications
  • First scan on/after the time slot
  • If user has A/P or P’s waiting for approval, sends out emails listing the company(s) for user


  • Any time WolfePak data has been restored

WolfePak scales with your growth

Your WolfePak conversion sets up post-conversion implementation and training, to ensure that your new system scales and supports your growth.


Monthly new user classes with available on-site consulting and training

User Conference

WolfePak instructors teach you how to do more with less (earn CPE credits too)

Tech Support

Your WolfePak technical support team is always available to solve problems


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