WolfePak Pumper

WolfePak Pumper

Independent Oil Operators are turning to automation as they grow their business to keep up with exploding demand in a labor-constrained market. Operators are turning to automation to lower costs and get the most out of their scare resources.

WolfePak Pumper is a mobile web app that enables your oilfield pumpers to electronically enter pumper tickets into your WolfePak ERP system using their laptops or tablet devices. Designed for independent oil operators, WolfePak Pumper reduces data entry time as well as avoiding ticket entry errors and enables reconciliation of oil sales tickets with purchaser statements and payments.

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How it Works

WolfePak Pumper is the only mobile web application that is fully integrated with WolfePak ERP, providing a seamless solution to collect and transmit pumper tickets to WolfePak ERP:
  • Provides the pumper’s default route (leases & tanks)
  • Provides the lease service schedule (by day, week or month)
  • Displays a list of tanks associated with each lease
  • Provides an easy interface to enter ticket data for each tank
  • Automatically transmits pumper ticket data to WolfePak’s ERP Production Module
  • Generates State Production and ONRR reports
  • Records well downtime and test data
  • Using unique G/L accounts, records production volumes in the G/L
  • Compare production with sale volumes on financial reports
  • Produce a 4-month production trend on Settlement/JIB Statements
  • Produce Interest Owner Monthly Production Statements.

Key Features

  • Mobile web application – no software to install
  • Record crude ticket date, number & barrels hauled
  • Record water production
  • Record production and dispositions for oil & water
  • Track tank levels and capture notes
  • Track meter readings
  • Record well down-time
  • Create & assign routes
  • Manage pumper schedules
  • Report & graph daily production history
  • Report Daily Pumper Sheets
  • Report Compressor Volumes
  • Capture Treatments, Sellable Oil, Choke, SPM & Production Vol Tolerance

WolfePak Pumper


Why WolfePak Pumper?

  • Automatically enters pumper data into WolfePak
  • Reconciles oil sales tickets w/ purchaser statements & payments
  • Reduces the time to supervise pumpers by half
  • Reduces data entry errors
  • Enables Pumpers to manage more leases & wells
  • Identifies and tracks overall changes in production
  • Affordable. Priced per pumper, not by lease or well
  • Easy to learn, easier to use
  • Only Pumper Ticket application certified to work with WolfePak ERP