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  • WolfePak Software is the most widely used accounting software in the oil and gas industry
  • WolfePak can help with data conversion
  • WolfePak Users Conference 2017
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Since 1986 growing Oil & Gas Operators, First Purchasers, Investors and Service Companies have trusted WolfePak for:

Conversion of Critical data
Ongoing Training
Knowledgeable Support
Continuous Development


"WolfePak provides the best customer service possible and is the best oil and gas software I've ever used.  After 30+ years in this industry, and after using many of the other oil and gas accounting software packages, I can say that WolfePak is leaps and bounds above & beyond all the others and it keeps improving!  And, the fact you poll your users to find out what we want in our accounting software is priceless!"

Jackie Balsam

Ruwco Oil & Gas Corp.